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  • Is our existence the result of a series of improbable events and circumstances?

  • Are there other planets similar to Earth?

  • Can we travel to another star?

  • Are we alone in the universe – and if so, why?

  • Or can we communicate with an extraterrestrial civilisation – and do we want to?

These are exciting questions that are discussed – and to some extent answered – in my book "The Hunt For Alien LIfe – A Wider Perspective", which was published by Springer, New York in Jan 2016. See some reviews here.

The site contains background material in the form of links, news streams, literature recommendations and other relevant material. 

Several of the fields discussed are developing very rapidly –  especially the one concerning exoplanet research. Almost daily new discoveries are made, some of those findings are presented and discussed here. 

Every chapter in the book has a counterpart on this web site. Each has a small introduction and news items. You are most welcome to enter comments in the commentary fields. Additionally, there are a set of issues presented where you may express your own opinion by entering your votes in polls.