Peter Linde


When I as eleven years old and for the first time saw the Moon through a telescope I was deeply impressed. But hardly did I realise that my entire future life would be so affected by that experience. It became a hobby which eventually was turned into a profession, leading me to many exotic places, often at high altitudes. Because that is the way with astronomical observatories, the higher the better. It could be at the vulcano summit on La Palma or in the Andes in Chile.

It is a privilege to be allowed to work within a field you really like. In my case astronomy and science became something of a life style. It has an intellectual depth that sharply contrasts with much of the superficiality that often characterises modern society. But it is more than that. There is beauty  and mystery and philosophy. All extremely exciting, there is no room for superstition or the supernatural. And the challenge to try to understand our universe never goes away.

In my case I have always experienced a joy to try to convey the fascination and the aha experiences. A fascination that remains even fifty years after the first look at the Moon.

Podcast interview


After the release of my book the "The Hunt For Alien Life - A Wider Perspective", a podcast interview was made with Jim Harold in the USA, who runs several podcast channels, most of which contain paranormal content of various kinds.

However, in this interview, we focused on the science and the scientific speculations behind the fundamental question of finding life elsewhere in the universe.

Listen to the podcast!